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, they say their product is safe but can they prove it? the dangers of those energy drinks. >>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. we did have some warming today. temperatures dropping off right now 46 in livermore and also 50 in san francisco. we'll have more on that warming trend coming up and if you're thinking about the 49ers game this weekend in atlanta got some great weather for the game. also plenty of sunshine. it will feel like the bay area out on the field. i have your forecast and some warming coming up. >>> emergency visits involving energy drinks are happening more frequently. the number of people who need medical attention after drinking energy drinks doubled between 2007 and 011. energy drinks became more popular at convenience stores, bars, and on college campuses. most of the 20,000 cases involve teens and young adults. the survey says it forces them to go to the emergency room. >>> a word of warning tonight. you may want to think about how much caffeine you take in. more than 4,000 men found those who took in the most caffeine were more prone to
is for peaceful energy purposes only. >>> pakistan's prime minister a wanted man. today the country's supreme court ordered his arrest for corruption. he's accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes if exchange for approval of two major power plants. this could cause chaos in a politically unstable country. raj? >>> thank you, janelle. >>> property crimes on the rise in california and prison realignment may be partially to blame. in 2011 the supreme court ruled california must reduce the state prison population by sending criminals to county jails. some law enforcement officials say that some counties lock up criminals for shorter periods or put them under house arrest. >> the alternatives were not good. there was no good solution. only varying degrees of bad. unfortunately that which many have anticipated and predicted would take place has taken place and i don't see any end in sight. >> governor brown recently announced a plan to fight the federal government in court over its prison realignment mandate. >>> one of the world's biggest retailers is pledging to hire veterans returning fro
miles out, at least the energy that will help to produce that. by some of these models as we head into saturday, the swells will start to increase. then by sunday, that's when it looks like the swells will peak out with mavericks now on sunday. wave heights right now small. only 3 to 4 feet. that's it. winds not very strong, north at nine miles per hour. as we head into sunday, we're looking at swells anywhere from 20 to 35 feet. and very long duration. 20 to 25 seconds. we're going to see these swells. it's going to be very dangerous to all swimmers and boaters. so best advice would be to leave these waves up to the experts. mavericks festival held off the coastline. temperatures in the upper 40s on sunday at 8:00 a.m. clear skies by 1:00 p.m. we'll be pushing numbers close to 70 degrees. for today, we did have a lot of warming out here even for the south bay. that was one of the warmest across the bay area. santa teresa popped up to 66. 64 in san jose and that 66 in santa teresa was one of the warmest days since december 11th. that's how long it has been since we've seen tempera
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3